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Dr. Charles Schaeffer is a clinical psychologist and author of When Panic Happens: Short Circuit Anxiety & Fear in the Moment.

He completed his training at New York University and is in private practice in New York City.  Dr. Schaeffer has over 15 years of experience providing strength-focused, evidence-based  therapy to help individuals overcome sleep, mood, and anxiety disorders to thrive at work and at home. He has been an adjunct clinical faculty member at NYU for over a decade supervising  hundreds of counselors and therapists. His research has focused on masculinity and culture among men and women seeking help inside and outside of the workplace.  Dr. Schaeffer leads educational and experiential workshops and seminars on sleep, mental health and empowering new parents. His work has been quoted and featured in a variety of media, including NBC Health, Vice Psychology Today, and the Huffington Post.

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Living the life you want can feel impossible in a world that is designed to overwhelm and stress you out. That’s why I have spent my career creating high quality, evidence-based content and materials to empower anyone with at least a fifth grade reading level to keep your peace and thrive in the face of anxiety, fear, depression, and insomnia. I think that learning how to use the latest neuroscience to stop a panic attack or keep yourself in a deep sleep is much more likely to happen when you put in the language of Mario Kart, Instagram memes, and Dungeons n Dragons.


To learn more about thriving with the latest neuroscience, check out my new book

About Me.


2004 - 2007

New York University

B.S. Applied Psychology

2007 - 2009

New York University

MA. Counseling

2009 - 2015

New York University

Ph.D. Counseling Psychology

My Story

I've spent almost twenty years empowering students, professionals and organizations as a career coach at the top NYC business schools, as an adjunct clinical faculty member at NYU,  and in national perinatal and parental health institutes as well as medical schools. Along the way I noticed the explosion of misinformation and fake experts on social media and decided to use my license in psychology to create practical, evidence-based psychology content and education that anyone could use. I believe psychology is for everyone and you should not need to get into the top universities to learn from experts like me. I’ve distilled a lot of the things I’ve learned into my book “When Panic Happens: Short-Circuit Anxiety & Fear in the Moment Using Neuroscience & Polyvagal Theory." Start reading today to give your nervous system a powerful update against anxiety and panic.   

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