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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  • Why work with me?
    You're looking for a professional that is more then just competent-you're looking for someone who can help you make lasting, powerful changes to the way you sleep, handle anxiety, depression, or stress, transition into parenthood, or negotiate your most important relationships at home and at work. You want to know you're more then just another patient in an endless number of zoc doc bookings. My practice is small and selective because I know making powerful changes in our work together requires a strong alliance between me and you. It also requires time for me to tailor your work with me based on the latest evidence based methods I integrate from my work at medical schools, business schools, and in my role as clinical faculty at NYU.
  • Who are your clients and patients?
    The diverse people who work with me are motivated and determined to reach their goals and make lasting changes in their lives but struggle to overcome insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, and many other obstacles to their success. They know they don't have to settle for an "ok" or "tolerable" life when they have many buried strengths and resources that can be utilized with expert care and support.
  • Why should I work with you if you aren't in network with my insurance?
    If you are looking for an entry level clinician or basic mental health provider with few specialties then you shouldnt work with me. These kinds of providers are easy to find on zoc doc and through your insurance company. Many people starting out in the field join insurance panels to create or start a practice but that also means they have your treatment regulated by an insurance company. That means they regularly are required to disclose confidential details of your treatment to third parties or stop treatment if your insurance company determines they don't want to pay for your treatment any longer. Do you want to go through that for your care? If you're looking for specialized, advanced care and services that are always confidential and in your control then you are a good fit for me.
  • Ok but if you aren't in my insurance network, how does this work? "
    I am an out of network provider which means I work with people on EPO and PPO insurance plans that have out of network benefits. My services are always covered by flex health spending benefits as well. This means most folks who work with me get 80-100% of their treatment covered. I arrange payment with my clients up front and then provide them with the documents they need to get 80-100% reimbursed by their insurance without having to release private details of their work with me to any third parties.
  • I think I might be dependent on sleeping drugs, medications, or alcohol to fall asleep. Can you help someone like me with sleep problems or insomnia?"
    About 50% of the people I work with in my practice share this in the course of treatment. I help many people get back in touch with their sleep drive and eliminate their dependence on anything in order to fall asleep and stay asleep. More questions about his? Schedule a free consultation-can we link here?
  • I'm already seeing a therapist and/or a psychiatrist. Why would I go to another therapist for sleep?
    Great question! Here's another: What's the most frequent symptom across all mental health diagnoses? Sleep problems. Good therapists refer to me because I am one of a few people with expertise in CBT-I and Sleep Restoration. They know the same research I do-that short term sleep and insomnia treatment improves most long term outcomes in ongoing therapy. I've helped so many people get back to sleep so they have the energy and ability to tackle ongoing life challenges in their therapy.
  • Shouldn't I just be able to go to sleep on my own? There are bigger problems in the world and it seems silly to just go to therapy because I can't sleep.
    I hear this all the time. Yes we all are capable of going to sleep on our own but for many the stresses of constant connected technology and NYC work life keep them from doing this. The result of living with poor sleep? Millions of dollars lost in lifetime earnings. Weight gain. Heart failure. Panic attacks. Car accidents. How big do those problems sound to you? I help people get back to sleep and stay asleep so they can protect themselves from negative outcomes and succeed at work and at home.
  • What is sleep restoration therapy?
    Sleep restoration therapy (SRT) is a treatment that is designed to help people get back to sleep after stressful life changes like postpartum, divorce, career transitions, and going back to school. SRT combines Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) with mindfulness based and sleep consolidation techniques to provide lasting solutions to recent sleep problems (problems that emerged in the last 2-3 months). More questions? Start a live chat now or book a free consultation. Look forward to hearing from you!
  • What is CBT- I?
    CBT-I stands for Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia. CBT-I is the strongest treatment for persistent insomnia and sleep deprivation (sleep problems lasting 6 or more months) across the existing research. I am one of the only specialists with formal CBT-I training and affiliated with the American Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine. Want to know more about CBT-I? Start a live chat or schedule a free consultation with me now.
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