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About Dr. Chuck Schaeffer

Dr. Chuck Schaeffer is a Strength-Focused Psychologist and an internationally recognized scholar, educator, and speaker who specializes in working with adults, couples, parents, and professionals to overcome the challenges of real life and achieve their educational, relationship, career, and life goals.


Drawing on over 10 years of practice in higher education, career services, international perinatal and parental health institutes, and cutting-edge medical schools, Dr. Schaeffer guides and motivates his clients to greater awareness, empowerment, and meaning in their lives and careers. He has worked with clients on a variety of goals from improving sleep and emotion regulation, increasing organization and time management skills, more confident development into the role of a new father or mother, enhancing relationship satisfaction and communication, and guiding recent graduates and professionals to rewarding careers or career transitions.  


Dr. Schaeffer has worked with hundreds of clients in New York and around the world, gaining a reputation for drawing out the best potential in people and organizations through his caring, genuine, insightful, solution focused style. In addition to his practice, Dr. Schaeffer is a published author and holds a faculty appointment a NYU where he has been recognized with multiple University Excellence Awards for his commitment to students and under-served communities. He also served as training faculty at the Seleni Institute, delivering advanced perinatal mental health training and invited talks to clinicians, organizations, and communities with a specific focus on working with fathers and mothers. He is an expert contributor who's work and writing has been featured in Psychology Today, Deloitte, and the Daily Meal.                 

Dr Chuck Shaeffer
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Professional Profiles

Practice specializing in supporting and empowering diverse adults, professionals, parents, and students to succeed at work, school, and home.

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Women's Mental Health Consortium

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Sleep disorders lower quality of life and contribute to physical and mental health problems. ...Behavioral Sleep Medicine is an expanding area of the sleep field that focuses on the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders by addressing behavioral, psychological, and physiological factors that interfere with sleep.

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