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Read more about my expertise: from sleep restoration to anxiety attacks and much more

I'm a featured Mental Health and New Parenthood Expert for

Psychology Today, Daily Meal,, Your Tango, and more.

Here are some featured articles that many have found helpful. 

Manage Panic Attacks
Restoring Sleep
The Importance of Dads
Meet Your Goals 
Use Positive Psychology

Published Articles

We all need a place where everybody knows your name (or at least writes it on your coffee cups)

Overcome the anchoring effect and take back control of your dining choices

Ingesting huge quantities of caffeine isn’t a very good idea

There’s a trick that everyone who’s trying to quit smoking should know about

There’s a subconscious ‘halo’ lurking over many of our daily decisions

Why does describing food as ‘limited release’ immediately make us want it?

Why do we consider some foods more comforting than others?

Millions of new parents struggle to get good sleep, long after their babies have mastered snoozing through the night. But with practice and a little patience, it is possible to make sure everyone in the family can sleep through the night.

It's often not just the baby that needs help. Here's how you can rest too.

Easy ways to plan for a healthier and happier celebration

Four ways to make your resolutions a reality

Why we need to include dads in the efforts to improve family well-being

Dads go through a hormonal and emotional transition to parenthood too

Changing the way we view our emotions changes the way they affect us

Three small steps to weathering life's big challenges

These fantasies can be confusing, shameful, and terrifying

Three steps to calming your mind and easing anxiety in the moment

Three concrete strategies to calm your mind and stop anxiety

How to weather life's challenges and thrive

Concrete ways to turn your resolutions into reality

Nodding off in meetings, struggling to concentrate, becoming snappy with others, reaching for ever-more caffeine and sugar…

Resilience is a critical component of your ability to survive and thrive in your professional life today...

Why we need to include fathers in conversations about family wellbeing

Easy ways to plan for a happier, less-stressful holiday

There really is a way to harness sadness and challenges to promote growth

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Quoted Publication

The newly crowned NBA Most Valuable Player is as visible in American culture as any man not named Donald Trump. He's already changed me for the better.

After dealing with postpartum depression after the births of my first two children, I totally believed I knew what to expect when expecting my third child. As it turns out, I wasn’t as prepared as I thought.

Moms are free to be at work, dads are free to be at home, and kids are free to flourish.

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